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In IGCSE Physics MaX online live course, Edexcel’s physics 9-1 syllabus is well-crafted and divided into eight sections for simplification and better understanding. These divisions include mechanics, electricity, waves, energy, matter, magnetism, radioactivity, and astrophysics.

The IGCSE Physics MaX is a live course that combines the most efficient teaching method with the most effective learning process to achieve the most exceptional result.

The course aims to break these sections down right from the basics to provide solutions to problems students face in the exam. Students will be well-groomed and equipped with profound knowledge in all sections.

The live course is expected to run for a fast-paced period of 40 hours within three months. Students will be tested with the end of chapter questions and mock exams according to past paper questions. Practicing these questions will give more ideas about what to expect in the exams. With the IGCSE Physics MaX live course, physics will be your best buddy, and you'll smile at your high grades in the exam.

Learning Objectives
. Understanding terminology, principles, concepts of physics,
. Observing the relationship between principles of physics and daily experiences,
. Analysing and evaluating experimental methods, making conclusions and suggesting possible developments,
. Applying the principles of physics to different situations,
. Developing a logical approach to figure out problems,
. Providing a basic knowledge of physics that will help students for more advanced courses,
. Improving the curiosity and passion for students about physics.

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Movement and Position
. Position, motion, speed and time
. Speed vs Velocity
. Acceleration

2 Hours

Experimental Skills for Motion
. Measuring speed methods
. Motion equations
. Measuring acceleration
. Graphs (Plotting and Mathematics Behind It)

1.5 Hours

. What is force?
. Types of forces
. Force and Shape
. Hooke’s Law

1.5 Hours

Force and Motion
. Idea behind force and motion
. Balanced or unbalanced
. Newton’s Laws of motion
. Safe stopping
. Falling and using parachute

1.5 Hours

. What is momentum?
. Conservation of momentum
. Driving safely
. Collisions and explosions

1 Hour

Turning Effect of Forces
. Moment of a force
. Equilibrium
. Centre of gravity

1 Hour

. Mains Electricity
. Plug and socket
. Safety devices
. Heating effect of current
. Electrical Power and cost
. AC and DC electricity

2 Hours

Current and Voltage Relationship
. Defining current and voltage
. Conductors and insulators
. Measuring current and voltage
. Electrical circuits (series and parallel) and components

2 Hours

Electrical Resistance
. Ohm’s Law
. I-V Graphs of different components
. Types of resistors
. Diode

1.5 Hours

Electric Charge
. Electric charges
. Forces between charges
. Electroscope
. Uses and dangers of static electricity

1.5 Hours

. What are waves?
. Properties of a wave
. The wave equation
. Ripple Tank
. Reflection, Refraction, Doppler Effect

2 Hours

Spectra of Electromagnetic Waves
. Electromagnetic spectrum
. Table of properties of EM waves
. What is light?
. Reflection of light
. Refraction and total internal reflection of light
. Uses of TIR

2 Hours

Sound Waves
. What is sound?
. Observing sound waves
. Measuring the speed of sound
. Audible range

1.5 Hours

. Types of energy
. Stores of energy
. Energy transfers and conservation of energy
. Sankey Diagrams
. Efficiency calculations

1 Hour

Thermal Energy
. Transferring thermal energy (conduction, convection, radiation)
. Reducing energy loss

1 Hour

Work and Power
. Work equation
. Gravitational Potential Energy
. Kinetic Energy
. Converting energy
. Calculating power

2 Hours

Energy Resources
. Renewable vs non-renewable
. Electricity production ideas

1 Hour

State of Matter
. Density
. Pressure of a solid
. Pressure in liquids and gases
. Properties of different states of matter
. State changes and energy calculations
. The Gas Laws
. Absolute Zero

2 Hours

Magnetism and Electromagnetism
. Magnetic materials
. Magnetic fields (overlapping and uniform)
. Electromagnets and right hand rule
. Examples of electromagnet use (bell and circuit breaker)

2 Hours

Electric Motors
. Creating motion from electricity
. Interaction of magnetic fields and Fleming’s left hand rule
. How does it work? (loudspeaker, dc motor)
. Electromagnetic induction and generators
. The transformer

2.5 Hours

Radioactivity and particles
. Basic particles
. The atom and isotopes
. Ionising radiation and types
. Detecting radiation (background radiation)
. Decay and half-life

2 Hours

Applications of Radioactivity
. Medical uses
. Industrial uses
. Radioactive dating
. Dangers of radiation
. Fission and fusion reactions
. Chain reactions
. Nuclear reactor structure

2.5 Hours

. Basic concepts of celestial bodies
. Orbits and orbital speed calculation
. Stellar evolution
. Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and the Sun’s evolution
. The big bang theory and evidences
. Red shift
. Calculating the speed and distance of galaxies

3 Hours
Daily Lesson Plan
Our experienced teachers designed each and every day for your needs.
IGCSE Physics
Thursday, 4 March 14:30 - 16:45 (GMT+0) 2 hours
Learning Objectives
  • Position, motion, speed and time
  • Speed vs Velocity 
  • Acceleration

Time Topic Skills
14:30 - 15:30 (GMT+0) Motion

Describe steady, uniform, non-uniform motions

Describe directions both in verbally and mathematically

Understand the basics of graphs and outline necessary points of plotting graphs.

15 minutes Break
15:45 - 16:45 (GMT+0) Motion

Learn similarities and differences between speed and velocity.

Learn calculations related to the topic

Meet your teacher, Umut
Umut Zeytin
Umut is an exceptional Physics teacher with genuine abilities to educate and adequately groom students and get them set for any exam. His exquisite knowledge in Physics, together with more than ten years of teaching experience, provides students with a reliable teaching and learning experience all through the course. He has prepared many students for IGCSE, A-Levels, and other specific examinations set by unique universities around the EU. Umut has handled several courses; both face to face and distance learning. He's an examiner in Edexcel and Cambridge boards. With much effort on his students, they have been able to pass their exams outstandingly to get into their dream universities. Apart from his educational skills, he has also worked in various fields such as banking, quality control engineering, and project management in EU funded projects. With his knowledge, skill, and experience, he aims to make physics your real buddy and succeed in your exams.
Bsc Engineering Physics Ankara University
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