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Clasital IGCSE Mathematics MaX online live course is using Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics 9-1 syllabus that packs in the fundamental knowledge of mathematics to aid basic life skills and serve as a foundation for further education and development in mathematics.

IGCSE Mathematics MaX course comes with the most comprehensive yet simple curriculum that aims to build students' confidence and improve competence in handling mathematical concepts. With IGCSE Mathematics Max online live course, you'll discover the secrets behind mathematical methods and skills and develop a long-lasting friendly relationship with mathematics; you'll no longer have to frown at those questions.

This IGCSE Mathematics Max live course will run for a well-utilized period of 27 hours within 14 weeks. We aim to make it fast-paced and interesting while using the best learning and preparation methods for all our students to ensure success in the exam.

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Number and Algebra
. Integers, fractions and decimals
.Convert recurring decimals into fractions
.Degree of accuracy and standard form
.Solve problems using upper and lower bounds where values are given to a degree of accuracy

0.5 Hour

Ratio and Percentages
.Direct Proportion
.Inverse Proportion
.Compound Measures (speed, density)
.Percentage change
.Compound interest problems

0.5 Hour

Powers and Roots
.Basic powers and roots
.Higher powers and roots
.Rational indices
.Negative powers
.The laws of indices
.Standard index form
.Calculating with numbers in standard form
. Factors Multiples and primes
.HCF and LCM

1 Hour

Equations, Formulae and Identities
.Substituting numbers into formulae and expressions
. Use index notation (fractional, negative and zero powers)
. Expand the product of two or more linear expressions
. Factorise quadratic expressions
. Algebraic fractions
. Complete the square for a given quadratic expressions
. Changing the subject of formula
.Algebraic equations

1 Hour

. Graphs of linear functions
. Gradient and intercept of linear functions
. Parallel and perpendicular lines
. Plotting and using curves

1 Hour

Simultaneous linear Equations
. Solving simultaneous equations by algebraic elimination
. Solving simultaneous equations by a graphical method
. Setting up and solving problems using simultaneous equations

1 Hour

. Linear inequalities
. Graphs of linear inequalities
. Quadratic Inequalities in one unknown
. Graphs of quadratic inequalities in one unknown

1 Hour

. Understand and use the common difference and first term in an arithmetic sequence
. Use nth term=a+(n-1)d
. Find the sum of the first n terms of an arithmetic series

1 Hour

Travel Graphs
.distance-time graphs
.speed-time graphs

1 Hour

. Angles, lines and triangles
. Geometrical reasoning

1 Hour

. Angles in polygons
. Areas and perimeters of simple shapes
. Surface area and volume

1 Hour

. Circle properties
. Circumference and area of a circle
. Sectors of a circle
. Problems

1 Hour

Cylinder, Cone and Sphere
. Properties
. Surface area and volume of a cylinder, cone and sphere
. Problems

1 Hour

Geometric Constructions
. Constructing triangles
. Constructions with line segments
. Bearings

0.5 Hour

. Reflections
. Enlargements

0.5 Hour

. Similar shapes and solids

0.5 Hour

Pythagoras’ Theorem
. Using Pythagoras’ theorem to find unknown side of a right triangle
.Pythagoras’ theorem on a coordinate grid
. Pythagoras’ theorem in 3D

0.5 Hour

. Sine, cosine and tangent ratios
. Angles of elevation and depression
. Sine Rule
.Cosine Rule
. Area of a triangle (use trigonometry)
. Trigonometry in 3D

1 Hour

Circle Theorems
.Tangents, chords and circles
. Angle properties inside a circle
. Theorems
. Chords

1 Hour

Graphical Representation of Data
. Construct and use cumulative frequency diagrams
.Problems involving the mean
. Median and quartiles

1 Hour

.Understand and use sets and subsets
.Use venn diagrams
.Set notations
.Use sets in practical situations

0.5 Hour

. Experimental and theoretical probability
. Problems
.Tree Diagrams
. Simple Conditional Probability

1 Hour

Quadratic Equations
. Solve quadratic equations by factoring
. Solve quadratic equations by quadratic formula or completing the square
. Form and solve quadratic equations
. Simultaneous equations, one linear and one quadratic trigonometry in 3-D

1 Hour

Advance algebra
.working with surds
.algebraic fractions
.simplifying algebraic expressions
.simultaneous equations one linear and one quadratic
. algebraic proofs

1 Hour

Functions and function notation (Higher Tier Only)
. Introducing functions and function notation
. Domain and Range
. Inverse functions
. Composite functions

1 Hour

Further Trigonometry
. sine rule
.cosine rule
.area of a triangle using trigonometry

1 Hour

Graphs and Transformations
. graphs of curves
.graphs of trigonometric functions
.transformation and translation of graphs

1 Hour

Vectors (Higher Tier Only)
. Adding and subtracting vectors
. Scalar multiplication
. Using vectors

0.5 Hour

Calculus (Higher Tier Only)
. Gradient of a curve (graph)
. Gradient of a curve (differentiation)
. Minimum and maximum points on curves (turning points)
. Problems involving turning points
. Distance, velocity, acceleration (differentiation)

1 Hour
Daily Lesson Plan
Our experienced teachers designed each and every day for your needs.
IGCSE Mathematics
fractions decimals
Thursday, 4 March 13:30 - 14:30 (GMT+0) 1 hour
Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives:

  • How to multiply and divide using fractions
  • How to order a list of decimals and fraction
  • How to change recurring decimals into fractions
  • How to calculate upper and lower bounds

Prior knowledge:

  • The relationship between mixed numbers and improper fractions
  • How to change decimals into fractions
  • How to add and subtract using fractions or mixed numbers

Time Topic Skills
13:30 - 14:30 (GMT+0) Fractions, decimals and rounding

can use Fractions, decimals

Meet your teacher, Sadiye
Sadiye is an unrivaled genius in mathematics. Her excellent knowledge and profound understanding have made her an expert in the field. However, she has been an outstanding mathematics teacher. With 16 years of teaching experience, she has successfully taught and prepared students for various exams, mostly IGCSE mathematics and A-level mathematics. Mathematics may be challenging to comprehend, but Sadiye has adequate teaching skills and experience to make students understand and smile at their mathematics exams. She's patient with her students and believes that no one is too dull to fail mathematics exams including IGCSE mathematics and A-level mathematics. Sadiye prides in relentlessly giving her best towards her students' success. She has always been her students' favorite as she keeps helping them get the best grades and entering into their dream universities. She is genuinely your one-stop mathematics teacher for success in your IGCSE mathematics exams.
BSc.Applied Maths and Computer Science Eastern Mediterranean University,
MSc.Maths Eastern Mediterranean University,
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