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Clasital IGCSE Chemistry MaX online live course comes with 26 comprehensive yet simple chapters that prepare students for Edexcel Chemistry 9-1 syllabus. With the most experienced and skilled chemistry teacher, we aim to complete the syllabus and convincingly impart knowledge to our students in the easiest and simplest way possible to make you smile when you hear chemistry. While we work towards excellent results, we make our course fast-paced. Thus, the course will run for three months - a total of 45 hours live course, with an effective and efficient learning process.

IGCSE Chemistry MaX online live course offers the fundamental knowledge for any AS level and A2 level chemistry student. The practical aspect is illustrated with well-defined figures and videos for exquisite understanding.

Each chapter packs various questions, and mock exams prepared based on past exam questions for you to crack like nuts. To ensure success in the exam, revision and exam preparation are an essential part of the course.

Learning Objectives
. Understanding terminology, principles, concepts and laboratory techniques,
. Analysing and evaluating experimental methods, making conclusions and suggesting possible developments,
. Applying the principles of chemistry to different situations,
. Developing a logical approach to figure out problems,
. Providing a large knowledge of chemistry that will help students for more advanced courses,
. Improving the curiosity and passion for students about chemistry.

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States of Matter
. Properties and differences of each state of matter,
. Changes of states,
. Diffusion,
Solubility and solubility curves.

1.5 Hours

Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
. Properties of elements, compounds and mixtures,
. Differences between the structures of elements, compounds and mixtures,
. Separation of mixtures

2 Hours

Atomic Structure
. Atoms and molecules,
. The structure of the atom,
. Atomic number and mass number,
. Isotopes,
. Relative atomic mass,
. The electrons.

1 Hour

The Periodic Table
. Basic principles of the periodic table,
. Electronic configuration,
. Finding groups and periods of the elements,
. Metals, non-metals and noble gases.

1 Hour

Chemical Formulae, Equations and Calculations part 1
. Writing and balancing equations,
. State symbols,
. Relative atomic mass and relative formula mass,
. The mole calculations,
. Formulae,
. Calculating percentage yield,
. Calculating excess and limiting substances

3 Hours

Chemical Formulae, Equations and Calculations part 2
. Calculations of gas volumes,
. Calculations involving molar volume,
. Concentration calculations,
. Calculations with equations,
. Calculations involving titration.

3 Hours

Ionic Bonding
. Defining the terms chemical bonding and ionic bonding,
. Explaining ionic bonding with dot and cross diagrams,
.Writing chemical formula,
.Naming ionic compounds,
. Giant ionic structures and their properties

2 Hours

Covalent Bonding
. Defining the term covalent bonding,
. Explaining covalent bonding with dot and cross diagrams,
. Simple molecular structures,
. Giant covalent structures.

2.5 Hours

Metallic Bonding
. Defining the term metallic bonding,
. Showing metallic bonding with simple diagrams,
. Physical properties of metals

0.5 Hours

. Electrical conductivity,
. Basic terms used in electrolysis,
. The electrolysis of molten compounds,
. Electrolysis and redox,
. The electrolysis of the solutions,
.Quantitative electrolysis.

2.5 Hours

Alkali Metals
. Physical properties,
. Chemical properties,
. Reactions with water,
. Trending in reactivity,
. Reactions with air,
. Compounds of the alkali metals.

1 Hour

The Halogens
. Physical properties,
. Chemical properties,
. Reactions and observations,
. Trending in reactivity.

1 Hour

Gases in the Atmosphere
. The composition of the air,
. Simple experiments to calculate the percentage of oxygen gas in the air,
. The combustion of elements in oxygen and observations,
. The properties of oxides,
. Thermal decomposition,
. The greenhouse effect and global warming

1.5 Hours

Reactivity Series
. Displacement reactions,
. Redox reactions,
. Observations during displacement and redox reactions,
. Reactions of metals with cold water and steam,
. Reactions of metals with dilute acids,
. Making predictions using reactivity series,
. Rusting of iron.

2.5 Hours

Extraction and Uses of Metals
. Extracting metals from their ores,
. Extraction methods and the reactivity series,
. Alloys,
. Properties and uses of some metals,
. Different kinds of steel.

1 Hour

Acids, Alkalis and Titration
. pH and indicators,
. Measuring pH value,
. Acids and their properties,
. Bases and their properties,
. Other alkaline solutions,
. Neutralisation reactions,
. Titration.

1.5 Hours

Acids, Alkalis and Salt Preparations
. Formation of salts,
. Reactions between acids and metals,
. Reactions between acids and bases,
. Salt preparations,
. Making soluble salts with practicals,
. Making insoluble salts with practicals,
. Theories of acids and bases,
. More acid-base reactions.

3 Hours

Chemical Tests
. Testing for gases,
. Testing for water,
. Testing for ions,
. Practicals and observations.

1 Hour

. Exothermic reactions,
. Endothermic reactions,
. Energy level diagrams,
. Measuring enthalpy changes of reactions,
. Calorimetry experiments,
. Evaluation of the experimental results,
. Calculating enthalpy changes using bond energies

2 Hours

Rates of Reactions
. Experiments to measure the rate of chemical reaction,
. Collision theory,
. Factors that affect rates of reactions

2 Hours

Reversible Reactions and Equilibria
. Reversibility and dynamic equilibria,
. The position of the equilibrium,
. Changing conditions on the position of equilibrium.

2 Hours

Introduction to Organic Chemistry
. Organic compounds and hydrocarbons,
. Types of formula for organic compounds,
. Simple properties and naming of alkanes,
. Simple properties and naming of alkenes,
. Structural isomerism,
. Simple properties and naming of alcohols,
. Some chemical reactions of organic compounds.

2 Hours

Crude Oil
. Basic properties of crude oil,
. Separating crude oil into fractions,
. Uses of the fractions,
. Environmental problems associated with the combustion of fossil fuels,
. Cracking.

1 Hour

Alkanes, Alkenes and Alcohols
. Structure and properties of the homologous series of alkanes,
. Isomers of alkanes,
. Two basic reactions of alkanes,
. Structure and properties of the homologous series of alkenes,
. Chemical reactions of alkenes,
. Drawing and naming of the alcohols,
. The oxidation of ethanol,
. The production of ethanol.

2 Hours

Carboxylic Acids and Esters
. Drawing and naming of carboxylic acids,
. Acid properties of carboxylic acids,
. Formation of esters,

1 Hour

Synthetic Polymers
. Addition polymerisation,
. Disposal of addition polymers,
. Condensation polymerisation.

1 Hour

Hints about Lab Skills
. Safety,
. Measuring volumes of liquids,
. Measuring volumes of gases,
. Taking and recording readings,
. Drawing up a table,
. Drawing graphs,
. Fair test.

0.5 Hour
Daily Lesson Plan
Our experienced teachers designed each and every day for your needs.
IGCSE Chemistry
States of Matter & Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
Wednesday, 10 February 17:30 - 19:15 (GMT+0) 1 hour 45 minutes
Learning Objectives

·        Understanding the three states of matter in terms of movement, arrangement and energy of the particles.

·        Understand the change of states and energy.

·        changes between the states of matters.

·        Know how diffusion occurs, the difference between the diffusion of gas and liquid states.

·        Comparing the properties of Elements, compounds and mixtures.

·        Usage of practical techniques for the separation of mixtures.

·        The imagination of similar experiments in daily life.

Time Topic Skills
17:30 - 18:15 (GMT+0) States of Matter

Comparing the properties of the three states of mater.
Application of change of states.
Finding proper examples of diffusion in daily life

15 minutes Break
18:30 - 19:15 (GMT+0) Elements, compounds and mixtures

Comparing the properties of elements, compounds and mixtures.
Usage of practical techniques for the separation of mixtures.
Imagination of similar experiments in daily life.

Meet your teacher, Osman
Osman is a well-groomed chemistry teacher with nine years of experience teaching and preparing students for IGCSE, A1 level, and A2 level exams. His knowledge and undisputable teaching skills have made him successfully handle many students who eventually come back to appreciate his efforts towards their success. For all his students, he has created astonishing techniques to get the chemistry into their heads easily. He believes every individual student can excel, and that is why he works with patience and encouragement until you get it right.
M.S General Chemistry University of Hull
Chemistry Eskisehir Anadolu University
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