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Clasital IGCSE Biology MaX online live course aims to thoroughly educate students using the Edexcel IGCSE Biology 9 -1 syllabus to successfully excel in the IGCSE exams. The course is geared towards imparting knowledge on various aspects of Biology such as plant physiology, human anatomy and physiology, inheritance, global warming, and many more interesting topics.

IGCSE Biology MaX course will be lively and fast-paced for 12 weeks. There will be a total of 23 lessons for 46.5 hours, with the best possible teaching and learning process to ensure that students carry Biology in their heads.

IGCSE Biology MaX online live course is well prepared by experienced hands and brains to yield the best results. At the end of each chapter, questions and mock exams will be prepared to further boost students' confidence and competence in handling exam questions. To fully prepare students, a proper revision will be done before the exams.

This course is perfect for you if you're willing to get maximum results in your IGCSE Biology exam.

Learning Objectives;
. Understanding biological facts, principles, concepts,
. Using learnings in new situations,
. Developing skills in biological investigation,
. Understanding the importance of scientific method and reporting,
. Providing ability to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of modern scientific developments,
. Improving the curiosity for students about biology.

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Nature and Variety of Living Organisms
. Characteristics of living things
. Levels of organisation
. Cell structure
. Cell differentiation
. Stem cells
. Variety of living organisms

2 Hours

Biological Molecules
. Carbohydrates
. Lipids
. Proteins

1.5 Hours

. Structure of enzymes
. Factors affecting enzyme activity

1.5 Hours

Movement Of Substances Across the Cell Membrane
. Diffusion
. Active Transport
. Osmosis
. Factors affecting movement of substances across the cell membrane

1 Hour

. Aerobic respiration
. Anaerobic respiration

1 Hour

Nutrition in Humans
. Balanced diet
. Food Tests
. Energy from food
. Digestion
. Peristalsis
. Digestive system
. Absorption
. Egestion

3.5 Hours

Breathing and gas exchange in Humans
. Respiration and breathing
. Structure of gas exchange system
. Gas exchange in alveoli
. Effects of smoking

2 Hours

Transport in humans
. The need for circulatory systems
. Circulatory systems of different animals
. Heart
. Blood vessels
. Blood
. Immunity

3.5 Hours

Excretion in humans
. Homeostasis
. Urine
. Urinary System
. Osmoregulation
. Thermoregulation

2.5 Hours

Coordination and response in humans
. Stimulus and response
. Receptors
. Central nervous system
. Structure of neurons
. Eye
. Reflex actions
. Synapses

3 Hours

Chemical coordination in humans
. Glands and hormones
. Adrenaline
. Insulin
. Diabetes

1 Hour

Reproduction in humans
. Sexual and asexual reproduction
. Structures of male and female reproductive systems
. Hormones in reproduction

2 Hours

Nutrition in plants
. Photosynthesis
. Structure of leaf
. Mineral nutrition

2 Hours

Transport in plants
. Osmosis
. Water uptake
. Transpiration

2 Hours

Chemical coordination in plants
. Tropisms
. Plant hormones

2 Hours

Reproduction in plants
. Sexual and asexual reproduction
. Asexual reproduction in plants
. Sexual reproduction in plants
. Germination

2 Hours

. The components of ecosystems
. Biodiversity
. Interactions in ecosystems
. The flow of energy through ecosystems
. Cycling nutrients through ecosystems

2.5 Hours

Human influences on the environment
. Modern agriculture
. Global warming
. Air pollution
. Water pollution
. Deforestation
. Fish farming

4 Hours

Structure and organisation of genetic material
. The structure of DNA
. The genetic code
. The stages of protein synthesis
. The structure of chromosomes

2 Hours

Cell Division
. Mitosis
. Meiosis
. Sexual reproduction and variation
. Asexual reproduction and cloning
. Effects of genes and environment on variation

1.5 Hours

Genes and Inheritance
. Mendel
. Test cross
. Pedigree
. Codominance
. Sex determination
. Polygenic inheritance

2 Hours

Natural selection and evolution
. Works of Charles Darwin
. Examples of natural selection
. Natural selection in action
. Pesticide resistance in insect

1 Hour

Selective breeding
. Traditional selective breeding
. Modern selective breeding
. Cloning animals

1 Hour

Using Microorganisms
. Microorganisms
. Fermentation and biotechnology
. Traditional biotechnology

2 Hours

Genetic modification
. Recombinant DNA
. Producing genetically modified plants
. Producing genetically modified animals

2 Hours
Daily Lesson Plan
Our experienced teachers designed each and every day for your needs.
IGCSE Biology
Nature and Variety of Living Organisms
Wednesday, 3 March 14:30 - 16:40 (GMT+0) 2 hours
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the common characteristics of living things.
  • Describe the levels of organisation in organisms.
  • Describe the cell structures and their functions.
  • Know the similarities and differences in the structures of animal cells and plant cells.
  • Explain the importance of specialised cells and cell differentiation in the development of them.
  • Understand the positive and negative aspects of using stem cells in medicine.
  • Know the differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms.
  • Describe the common features of plants and recognise some examples.
  • Describe the common features of animals and recognise some examples.
  • Describe the common features of fungi and recognise some examples.
  • Describe the common features of protoctists and recognise some examples.
  • Describe the common features of bacteria and recognise some examples.
  • Describe the common features of viruses and recognise some examples.
  • Answering questions about nature and variety of living organisms.
  • Identify the chemical elements in carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.
Time Topic Skills
14:30 - 15:30 (GMT+0) Characteristics of living things Levels of organisation Cell structure Cell differentiation Stem cells

Understand the common characteristics of living organisms. Distinguish cell, tissue, organ, organ system. Compare plant and animal cells. Understand properties of different specialised cells and their adaptations. Understand properties of stem cells and their uses.

10 minutes Break
15:40 - 16:40 (GMT+0) Variety of living organisms

Comparing properties of different groups of living organisms

Meet your teacher, Naciye
Naciye stands out as an excellent biology teacher, and her professionalism is coupled with ten years of teaching experience. With a BSc degree in Biology from the Ege University, she has the fundamental knowledge of Biological sciences. In addition to a BSc degree, she holds two Master's degrees; one in Environmental Education and Teaching from the Near East University, and the other in Secondary Education Field teaching at Ataturk Teacher Training Academy. You can't doubt her brilliance and ability to put that biology into your head in the simplest way. It's not all about her knowledge; it's about how she expertly impacts knowledge that guarantees success. Naciye has helped thousands of young students understand Biology and make a distinction in their exams. With her teaching methods, she knows the best way to crack that challenging aspect into her students and make it feel like a piece of cake.
Bsc biology Ege Üniversitesi
Msc Environmental Education and Teaching Near East University
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