IGCSE Examination Rules

No matter which exam board you are taking your IGCSE's with, there are specific regulations and rules that must be followed while you do your IIGCSE coursework or take an IGCE examination.

IGCSE Coursework provides the student with the opportunity to do independent research into a topic that interests them. They will look for information in published sources, images and via the internet. Using information from resources to a good way for the student to show their knowledge and understanding of the topic. However, it is important that they do not copy nor claim it as their own work.

How to be academically honest:
-Make sure that the student understands all instructions given, and they should ask the teacher if they are not sure.
-Learn how to correctly reference their work. Include references of all sources they have used, not just books but also internet sites, images etc.
-If the IGCSE coursework is done within a group, make sure that your contribution is your work, using your ideas and acknowledge the work of others.
-The student should allow enough time to finish their work so they are not tempted to rush nor leave our references.

What the student must not do:
-They should not allow others to have access to your work. The student will be held responsible if it is copied.
-Do not copy another person's work and pretend it's their own. This is plagiarism.
-Do not make up or invent data or findings. This is called fabrication.
-The student should not accept help and input from another person, or work collaboratively when it is not permitted.

Full Centre Supervision
All IGCSE exam boards work to ensure that question papers are kept secure, so that the exam is fair and all candidates get the grade they deserve. To help keep the question papers secure, the exam board asks the centre to supervise students at particular times around the exam. This is known as 'Full Centre Supervision'. The student must follow the rules for Full Centre Supervision. If there aren't followed, they may not be allowed to take the exam. Their paper may not be marked or their results may be cancelled.

Full Centre Supervision rules:
-Full Centre Supervision sessions can take place before and after the exam, and the student must attend all sessions and arrive in good time.
-Your centre will tell the student the dates, times and venue of the Full Centre Supervision sessions.
-If a student arrives late, they must directly report to the person in charge of the session.
-The students are not allowed to have mobile phones or any communication during Full Centre Supervision.
-The student is allowed to have books and revision notes with them during Full Centre Supervision, but they must not be taken into the exam.
-Students can talk to one another during Full Centre Supervision, but not during the IGCSE exam.
-Students cannot leave the room until they are given permission to do so.
-If a student does need to leave the room, they must be supervised by a member of staff.
-If a student is feeling unwell during Full Centre Supervision tell the person in charge of the session.

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