Edexcel Cancels International GCSE and AS/A-Levels

Throughout the last few weeks there have been many questions about edexcel's IGCSEs. Are Edexcel IGCSE exams happening? Will Edexcel cancel their IGCSEs?

Today, (03/02/21) Edexcel has released an important update on international qualifications, and has provided us with important information about the International GCSE and International AS/A Level assessments in May/June 2021.

What Are The Important Updates?

  1. The first and most important update is that Edexcel will be using a robust approach based on teacher assignments for international GCSE and International AS/A Level assessments in May/June 2021 and exams will not go ahead as panned.
  2. Edexcel stated that they will offer an additional exam series for International GCSEs later this year.
  3. The last update is that International AS/A Level October exam series will be going ahead as planned.

    Why Did They Make This Decision?
    Edexcel stated that their priority throughout this pandemic has been to keep everyone safe and well, and to ensure fairness so that every student receives a grade that reflects their knowledge and understanding.

Edexcel made this decision after carefully considering a range of options. These included having exams in some countries and teacher assessments in others. Given the ongoing uncertainty, they felt that this could not be done fairly, and would risk unintentionally disadvantaging individual students.

Where To Go From Here:
Now more then ever, student mock papers will play a large role as evidence of your performance under exam conditions. Top students will complete full past papers every week and will use them as evidence, so we recommend that you practise completing exam style-questions under exam conditions.

Make sure you make notes, and use a range of revision techniques to help you succeed in your mock exams. Read our blog for more help with how to study at home.

Here is the official statement released by Edexcel!

So good luck and happy studying! Remember, if you’re seeking further exam and revision advice, browse back through our library of blog posts. If you have a specific question about revision, reach out to our study experts via our social media channels (@ClasitalHQ).