AQA Cancels All International GCSE And A-Level Exams

Sadie Visick, the managing director at Oxford AQA released a statement yesterday announcing that all May/June 2021 exams are cancelled, and Oxford AQA students will be receiving teacher assessed grades, in line with the students in England.

They decided to make this difficult decision in order to end the uncertainty of the recent cancellation of Exams in England by the UK Government. Oxford AQA's international GCSE and A-level exams meet UK standards, so to ensure fairness and consistency in the grades provided to all students around the world, they decided to cancel all examinations.

Sadie Visick (2021) states that it will not be possible for exams to be held anywhere in May/June 2021, because of the continued impact of covid-19.

Opinions Of Others
Many people and institutions have mentioned that they would have preferred a return to a normal exam series in the summer. However, schools and parents had serious concerns about how the grades received by international students sitting exams would compare with the Teacher Assessed Grades received by students in England. Which created the question of how AQA could ensure that international GCSE and A-Level students are assessed in the same way as students in England. Therefore, AQA decided to cancel all international exams, to ensure a level playing field for both groups of students. People are now demanding that other exam boards such as Edexcel, OCR and Cambridge do the same.

What To Expect From Oxford
Oxford plan on sharing more information during February 2021, and plan on continuing dialog with their team so they can start to put in place the framework and support that the students need. They plan on using a similar teacher assessed grade and mark scheme to the one they used last year, and they will develop and improve the approach by using previous feedback. Oxford have also extended their entry deadlines to the 21st of March, and will review the fees for the May/June 2021 series in more detail once the frameworks have been put in place.

Other Exam Boards
As of today, Edexcel, Cambridge and OCR have not made any official statements announcing the cancellations of their International examinations. However It is possible that they may follow in Oxford's footsteps and also cancel their examinations to ensue fairness and stability of grades across the world.

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